Puer, Pu'er, Pu-erh

Ancient Camilla Sinensis var. assamica
Puer tea is usually compressed tea made from processed
tea leaves that have been compressed into molds of different shapes.
This tea is usually made from the broad leaf tea tree Camellia sinensis var. assamica.
It was used as a form of currency in trade during ancient times.
Tea was commonly traded for horses.
Pu-er or aged tea was the favorite of the ancient Tibet, Mongols and noblemen.
It was also used as a form of medicine for digestive disorders and over consumption of food and alcohol.
The making of this tea is a well kept secret among tea growers and makers for centuries.
Puer tea was transported for miles along the ancient Silk Road to western regions of the Asian continent and the European world.

Tea picking by Lahuzu people of SE China

Drying the tea leaves

Modern compression machines for Puer tea

Drying tea cakes

Packaged Puer tea cakes